It derives from Hedonism, which by definition is the philosophical condition according to which the end of human action is pleasure.
The word had a very positive meaning and generally referred to what was pleasant, amusing or inviting and meant things that were pleasant to the palate. Later it was applied not only to what was tasty, but also to things pleasant to each of the five senses: to sight (therefore everything that was visually beautiful, such as art, nature, people), to hearing ( like music, the soothing tone of a voice, the sounds of nature), smell (like the pleasant aroma of a sweet or a dish or the scent of flowers), touch (like a delicate caress, a fine fabric or sexual pleasure) and to taste (that is, the original meaning, the pleasure of eating a food or drinking a drink).
Essentially, the word includes "everything that pleases, or pleases, the senses".


Rebirth as an understanding of the importance of taking care of yourself
Its history has its roots in Asia. In the East it means spiritual purity. Lotus is an aquatic plant that flowers in water. In Buddhist symbolism, the most important meaning is purity of body and soul. The muddy water that houses the plant is associated with attachment and carnal desires, while the immaculate flower that blooms in the water in search of light is the promise of purity and spiritual elevation.
Symbolically it is associated with the figure of the Buddha and his teachings, therefore they are consequently the sacred golds for the people of that religion. Legend has it that when the little Buddha took his first steps, lotus flowers blossomed in all the places he stepped on.
In the classical literature of many Asian cultures, the lotus flower symbolizes elegance, beauty, perfection and grace.
It has also inspired yoga, as the lotus position (Padmasana) is the traditional position of meditation in which the person crosses the legs, each foot is on top of the opposite thigh and the hands are placed on the knees. The lotus flower is a symbol of rebirth and life force, and carries with it an important meaning: the ability to recover from the difficulties of earthly life. Therefore rebirth, as an understanding of the importance of taking care of yourself.


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